Zone control HVAC investment

I have a home gym setup inside my home. I love being able to work out in there everyday and then getting into the shower with cool water. There’s only one problem that I face. I tend to get to sweating a lot because it just gets so hot from working out. I have heard about zone controlled HVAC units and thought I could actually use this type of system for our home gym. I decided to call up our local HVAC company and find out what they had available. They sent out an HVAC technician to take a look at my space. He said the gym would be perfect with a ductless mini split HVAC unit. It would be the ideal size for that room and keep me nice and cool when I worked out. I was so excited because I could workout even harder and not sweat so much. Plus, I didn’t want that room to smell like nasty sweat all of the time. I knew my wife wouldn’t be too pleased with that either and she would probably never use the home gym room. I decided to have that ductless mini split HVAC unit installed and I couldn’t have made a better investment! Not only was I able to have better workouts daily, but it didn’t affect the temperature in the rest of our home! I was very pleased with this zone control technology. I certainly enjoyed spending much more time in that gym, that’s for certain. I had my new HVAC ductless mini split system to thank for that!

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