Zone control heating and cooling

Sometimes things do not always work out how you want them too. I originally wanted my friends to move to this very nice apartment complex. They had so much to offer. They had a community room, a swimming pool, and a fitness room too! The went with a different apartment complex that offered them none of these extra things. I thought it was kind of boring. When we had walked into the nicer place I immediately noticed the nicer air conditioning too. I even asked the realtor about it. She had said that even the rooms within the apartment had zone control heating and cooling. I didn’t even know what that was at first. I had found out that it meant they could control different rooms with the temperature. They said that they found more people were spending far lees money. It even cost the complex less money to install because it was such a huge selling point. In fact, the whole complex only had one apartment left. They fill up very quickly. They are building a whole new complex as well. I have never seen an apartment that had done control heating and cooling. I knew that this was going to be the better apartment. It didn’t even cost that much more! It was so worth it. However, the boys decided to be closer to work this time. When apartment hunting, I highly suggest that you look at all types of apartments because you never know what cool features you may find. Of course you would want nothing but the best! HVAC equipment