You can’t have a heater without electric

Every Summer, my dad packs up the whole family to  go camping. We own a cabin in the middle of the woods that we stay in for several weeks week. The whole family sleeps in bunk beds, cooks over an open fire & we hike through the woods and over the mountains all day. It is super exhausting, and  a boring several weeks of the Summer. I really do not enjoy staying at the cabin.. The lodge beds are narrow, hard, and smell weird. There is no electricity available at  the cabin either. So that leaves us without lights, running water for toilets, and  also no HVAC. I feel, that  in the Summer,  A/C in the cabin should be a priority. The cabin is not by trees, so it gets hit by a tremendous amount of  sunlight. Also, the air is muggy and hot because of the proximity near a large lake. The cabin gets super overheated and humid at night.   I really want a cooling system. There is no fans to run, to keep us cool. The lodge is not airtight, and the nearby lake means a whole bunch of bugs.   I know that my dad is never going to hook up a generator for even a portable air conditioner or a fan. He thinks we need to be close with nature for the week. Apparently having a cooling system and keeping out bugs that bite is not permitted. So for a few weeks every year in the Summer, I am miserable. I have looked online & there are cooling systems that are battery operated. I know they are small and not powerful enough to be a good substitute for an electric air conditioner.

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