Working with the air conditioner

This summer we went up to the lake for a few weeks. My boyfriend loves the beach so much, but I just felt that it was always over crowded. I wanted to relax without the crowds. I wanted to paddle board and hike in nature. He agreed and was excited to experience a cottage cabin vacation. We rented a cottage within walking distance of the lake. We were in the mountains so we knew we might have chilly mornings and the afternoons could warm up enough. What we didn’t expect was one of the worst heat waves in the last decade to come blasting through. The heat was unbearable and the cottage had no air conditioner. We didn’t even have a stationary fan to blow out the heat. I knew we couldn’t survive comfortably like this for two weeks. We decided to drive an hour to another town to possibly rent some sort of air conditioning unit. The only thing we were able to find was window box unit. Honestly, this wasn’t a bad thing. Our cottage was fairly tiny and when we put the ac in the bedroom window, we knew we would get a good night’s sleep in the cold air. Well, it worked great and when we weren’t at the lake, we were holed up in our bedroom watching movies, eating and sleeping all by the nice cool blast of the air conditioner! Since, we figured the utility costs for the cabin went up, we decided to leave the air conditioner for the owners.HVAC unit