working out and HVAC

Over the last few months, I had been totally committed to a strenuous exercise regime. When I realized that I had gained a ton of weight, and my doctor warned that my health was in danger, I knew I needed to produce some major changes in my life. I actually started eating better, and I have used some free weights, a running machine, and even a nice soft yoga mat. I had tried numerous exercise programs in earlier times, but never managed to stick to them. Part of the problem was the elemental extremes in my area. I couldn’t ask myself to select a five-mile run when the outside temperature was at the hundreds with terrible humidity. I certainly wasn’t encouraged to set out on a bike ride when it was snowing as well as the temperature had dropped below wicked cold. I have now set up a devoted workout area in a spare bedroom of my house. My HVAC system has a zone control setting so that I can determine the temperature with the workout area separate from any other room in the house. By keeping this room a tiny bit cooler, I am more likely to work out for longer than usual. I have the treadmill put directly below a cooling vent so the air conditioner blows right at me during running. Plus, I have upgraded to somewhat of a wifi thermostat, so that I’m able to make changes to temperature from my smart phone without even moving. Because of the heating and additionally cooling system, the weather ‘s no longer a factor to my procrastination. I have without a doubt lost fifteen pounds. I certainly feel better and have way more energy.

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