Work it out

One of my favorite things to do in the mornings is to go work out at the local gym. Actually, I used to despise this but making it a habit changed my mind. They have a lot of classes you can take for many different types of exercise like yoga, cardio, and weightlifting. My favorite class is a high intensity work out that I take three times a week. It really works up a sweat even with the AC blasting, which is really your saving grace for that whole hour. At the end of the class, when it’s time to stretch, I just want to throw myself on the ground and feel the cool air. One day, I missed the morning class and ended up having to go later that afternoon. When I got to the gym, the parking lot looked empty, it didn’t look as busy as it normally does, which was quite puzzling to me. When I walked inside, it was extremely hot inside and I immediately knew why–the HVAC system was down so there was no AC. Instead of going home, I decided to try the class anyways. The instructor brought in big fans to try to keep us cool as possible, but it didn’t last long. One by one, people quit and went home. About halfway through, the instructor decided to end the class as she saw people were getting overheated. I hurried out to my car and drove home quickly where I knew I would feel the relief of air conditioning. I opened my front door and was so thrilled when the cool air hit me like a wave. My husband laughed at me as he joked that maybe I wouldn’t oversleep next time and miss the early class.

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