Window Box Air Conditioners Heat Wave’s Dream

This year we have had an Indian Summer that hit months before the usual time and it has lasted for several week way into the nineties. It is highly unusual in a city where no one has an air conditioner of any sort. Whatever heat has come through in the past, did so and left. Usually opening our window or using a stationary fan had done the trick. But, this time around we were literally in heat. There were no more stationary fans to be sold in any store throughout the city or peninsula. Our office HVAC system was going in and out, barely producing any cold air, since the bulk of the city was putting the worst strain they had ever seen onto the energy bracket. I just needed at least one good night sleep in a cool room and I knew I could find a solution if I just stopped long enough. I was sure that there were likely no window box air conditioner units available. After all, I am late to the party, in going down that road to begin with. But, desperate enough we started calling around the city to find some options. Then we just hit the road. It didn’t take but four different stops before we finally found one at a home store over an hour and a half from the house. It was extraordinary in price, but we thought it was a good investment as this weather was sure to hit again in the years to come. That night was the most wonderful night’s sleep we had experienced in weeks. I can’t believe it took us that long to cave into buying air conditioning. It was totally worth the money to have the house cooled down.