Window AC for the home

My boss constantly complains about the indoor temperature at work. She is part of the executives, but she still does not have any control over the indoor atmosphere. She is always aggravated most of the day, and she takes it out on all of the employees. The mornings are the worst. The heat and humidity builds up in the day, but the mornings can be exceptionally warm. That is the worst time to approach our boss about anything. Some of my coworkers got together to discuss the issues with our boss. One of the interns came up with an idea of getting our boss a portable unit. It could cool the office down, and wouldn’t even cost much cash at all. Everyone knew that this device could fix all of our issues in the morning. If everyone donated twenty dollars to the cause, we would have enough to buy the unit. I really wanted to convince my coworkers to buy the unit, so I did my best to sell it. I knew that the portable device might lighten our boss’s mood in the morning. That was the best sales pitch that I had to offer, and I tried to convince everyone. By the time the meeting was over, I had raised $250.00 in cash. I had an idea of the portable device I would buy, and I was ready to drive over there. When we presented the portable device to our boss, she was surprisingly thankful by our gesture.

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