why you want air ducts cleaned

I put a call in to my local HVAC company a few days ago. I was a bit frustrated in doing this, because honestly I did not want to spend the added money on the service call. Though, I knew that it was necessary at the time. My husband’s allergies were crazy bad, and I knew that our heating and cooling system was simply exacerbating the issue. I could actually see a massive amount of dust and other allergens just flying around in the air. I had tried to clean the air filter on my own, only to uncover that it was actually one of those disposable types. And with no extra air filters laying around,  I just decided to suffer the HVAC service charge on my bill and called in. The HVAC company sent around a nice young man who could help me out with my husband’s allergy problem. He immediately identified the problem area that the air ducts needed some serious cleaning. He told me that by cleaning air ducts regularly, not only would my HVAC system operate more efficiently, but the air pumped into my house would be significantly cleaner and fresher for us to breathe.  He went straight to work cleaning the air ducts using a really powerful vacuum to take up the grim. He informed me that that vacuum he used actually had a HEPA filtering installed, which made certain that any dust, allergens, or other airborne pollutants were picked up inside the vacuum, and were no longer free to fly around our house. It came down to me being really grateful for this HVAC assistance, while in the end I decided that it had been well worth the money!

HEPA filter