Why is my HVAC system so high

Recently, our cooling system along with our oil furnace plan died on me and needed to be replaced fast! It was having issues for years, and I was so sick of spending cash on repairs. I am easily thrilled to finally be able to just trash the thing to buy a up-to-date system, but then modern HVAC systems are so much more efficient and take up less space. I am planning on having the up-to-date HVAC plan installed in a couple weeks or so. But, right now it’s spring and the weather is perfect, so we don’t certainly need a cooling system for easily another month or so.  However, I have been getting into constant fights with my partner about what plan to install. The HVAC corporation near us has many weird sized oil furnaces to choose from. The one that is appropriately sized for our apartment is $3000, then a much greater one is only $3300! So, I would certainly appreciate to just spend the extra $300 to have easily a bigger plan with extra capacity in case I ever need it. However, when my partner heard that the oversized oil furnace and cooling system device will short-cycle and not respectfully dehumidify the apartment, it 000 could be a bad idea. She said that our ducts are too small to handle a greater capacity so there’s no point to having it installed. We would initially be paying extra for nothing. I have a feeling she is right, however and I hate to admit when I am so wrong. So, now we are going to have to call the HVAC corporation to find out the answer. Hopefully they will be fair with us about what’s best for our apartment and not try to convince us to buy a bigger plan just so they can make the extra few hundred dollars.

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