Who would live with an old heater

My ancient furnace finally stopped working which gave me the opportunity to improve on our comfort in the home. The old furnace no longer kept up with demand, and on those colder nights, my house was chilled, because it could no longer deal with the size of the house or outside temperatures.  It seemed to be running constantly and caused the indoor air to dry out. It also cost me arm and a leg in my monthly HVAC bills. Since the acquisition of a new HVAC was a costly venture, I was eager to get started. I did extensive research online in order to locate an HVAC contractor with near perfect customer reviews. I knew that it wasn’t just a tape measure and room dimension that was needed to install the perfect heating and cooling system. The contractor needed to have the number of windows, he inspected the insulation and sun exposure, inquired as to how many people lived here and our living habits. I knew I have to invest more money to get a furnace with the most modern features. The HVAC specialist gave us literature on a furnace with variable-speed, which would give the devices a chance to respond to evolving needs with automatic adaptation capacity. The furnace has the ability to adjust bt per percent increments from forty and one hundred percent capacity, therefore it runs on lower speeds much of the time, and is quieter and less costly. It also avoids temperature spikes and drops by maintaining a more even heat. The system features zone control and a smart thermostat, which lets me set the temperature in multiple rooms and control it all with my smartphone.