When will summer finally arrive

About three years ago the winter was nothing short of crazy. Every day was well below freezing for months at a time, and even worse, the wind was impossible to hold out of my house. It was somberly drafty from dusk til dawn, and the only thing holding me upright and unwrapped from a blanket all the time was the old furnace chugging along throughout the entire day. I quickly became accustomed to the low constant hum of the furnace and the continual woosh of the air vents. Then one day, it was silent. I remember thinking something previously must have changed, and sitting, listening for the usual white noise that had disappeared so suddenly. When it eventually dawned on me, I ran for the thermostat and ferociously fiddled with a bunch of the dials; the furnace stayed hushed. I called my neighbor, an old mechanic, and begged for him to prod the old heater. He was unable to pinpoint my exact problem, but then suggested I call a friend of his, a trusty “Jack of all trades” who had some working experience with furnace repairs. I called the man out to the house and watched as he tinkered in the basement (picture me, now wearing my full winter gear indoors) for a couple of hours, but to no avail – my heater really wasn’t playing ball. With night now drawing near, I finally realized I had made a giant mistake when I refused to dial a furnace repair service immediately. That night I was left to shiver in the darkness until I could request a HVAC technician to make a house call and save my furnace! Let’s simply say, many important lessons in homeownership and proper HVAC management were discovered that day.HVAC