What kind of air filter?

Several months ago, I discovered that there are a couple different air filters that I can use in my HVAC unit. One  air filters is a chintzy, one use, cheap filter. The other filter is a long term filter. The man at the home store was patient as he explained the main differences, and I left with the air filter that was reusable. I didn’t care if it made a little more work each week, but I wanted to be sure that the air filter clean and doing its job. The air filter was, as I thought it would be, much more expensive, but it was also able to be used for a long time, and I would have paid twice as much, and been to the store much more often, had I chosen the throw away.  The air filter was pristine, and  looked out of place in my old air conditioning unit, but it worked amazingly, and the air smelled the best I ever remembered.  The air quality was dry and free of dust.  When the week had come to an end, I was curious and pulled the air filter out and looked for dust. It wasn’t too horribly bad at this point, so I put it back in place and waited for another week before I cleaned it. I carefully extracted the air filter from the air conditioner and I grabbed a soft toothbrush to take the flecks of dust off the screen. When that was done, I used the vacuum brush, to remove any loose dust and debris that remained on the filter. Some people recommend using the hose to clean the air filter, but it looked really good. It’s been almost three months since I installed the reusable air filter, and I am really pleased with the results.  

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