What is up with this car

My very first car was a sporty little red car. It looked great. Everybody was jealous and none of my friends could beat me when we raced on the back country roads. Other than its speed and visual flare, it was actually a super plain car. There were no power windows. The crank for the driver side window was so stiff that it would always give me an awful cramp by the time it was half way down. Likewise, the locks were simple manual locks. You had to push down the button on every door individually to lock her up. So all in all it was not a convenient car. Also, that big engine was not the best on gas. The lack of climate control was the biggest issue for me. My parents paid for the gas, but they couldn’t make air conditioning happen no matter how much money they threw at it. I suppose a new HVAC system could have been installed but that would have just been excessive. I knew that heating and cooling had to be a feature of my next car. I did not care about anything else. Correspondingly, climate control was the top priority when I went car shopping. The SUV I ended up buying had an air conditioner that would have been suitable for a luxury jumbo jet. I fell in love immediately. The HVAC system was also aided by the fact that this truck was white, so the sun didn’t counteract the A/C constantly. To this day, I can’t imagine ever driving a vehicle again that is without proper climate control.