What happened to my heating system?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can never keep any electronics for long. Over time I have needed to exchange three phones all thanks to incidental damage. The only thing which hasn’t been replaced was my MacBook, that was before this week though. I usually don’t have any problems with my HVAC system in my condo. It works really well and provides all of my needs on the subject of heating and cooling during the year. I do outside manual work and for that reason I have my unit always running daily to help my body become relaxed after being outside all day. It would appear that my unit has begun leaking unaware to me. When examining closely, I found that within the unit was leaking on and off a lot as well as the water was making its way onto my carpet.  I didn’t think this was much of an importance until one day as I left my MacBook right under the my HVAC system next to my telephone and DVD rack. When I came home from work I came to find out that my laptop was not working properly nor did it want to turn on so I thought it must be because it needed to be charged. However, once I moved the MacBook towards the side, water flew out from behind the keyboard. I instantly remembered my issue with the HVAC and realized the reason the MacBook wasn’t working was due to water damage. Now I have two rather annoying problems; a leaky HVAC unit and a ruined MacBook which makes me wonder which of the two problems should I go ahead and replace first?

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