What glamping actually means

My better half Gus and I are trying glamping on our getaway for the first time. A month from now my better half Gus and I will be sleeping in a tent in a whole current weather conditions that is known for being arctic. The area we are glamping in is known to be entirely arctic. So that is why my better half Gus and I are not doing just any old camping and pitching our own tent, however glamping occurs in a tent, but it is a tent that has heating and cooling. Have you ever seen the fourth Harry Potter when he gets to attend the wizard quidditch world cup? Harry and Ron stay in this gigantic tent with beds, furniture and quilts. My better half Gus and I are basically getting that, only on a smaller scale. My better half Gus and I actually will have a bed in the tent. There is a little seating area in the tent and tons of quilts to keep warm. The tent has several oil furnaces to keep us nice and toasty too. The campsite using generators to hook up electric oil furnaces. So my better half Gus and I will be camping, however we are doing it the wonderful way. I am excited to try out glamping. I am not too crazy about camping and sleeping in a tent. The reason for my dislike of camping is because the ground is hard and I get arctic. It sounds like the bed will be super comfy and filled with down feathers. Also having several oil furnaces in our tent has to be an added plus. With our luck, however, the electric furnaces will be broken and we will freeze while we are there.

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