What an incredible boiler

I spent my adolescence with a boiler system installed at home. We had a sizeable metal grate located on our day room floor. Supposedly, the the heated air would flow up through the grate. The boiler was down in the basement, would turn on, and warm air would rise. That heated air was supposed to rise into our day room. It was not the most efficient heating system. We had to utilise several space heaters to warm the kitchen and our bedrooms. Also the metal grate was supposed to be too hot to touch, but it wasn’t. My brothers and I would warm ourselves by sitting on the grate before school. That we could sit upon it should have indicated there was an issue. The boiler system should have made the grate too hot to do so. Frequently that boiler system would switch off on us as well. Then we would be left without a heating system and only cold air would rise through the grate. To stop the cold air from wafting up we to screen off the grate by means of our sleeping bags. When you would hear it switch on, you must run to take off the sleeping bags. One time my father didn’t make it in time and my Minnie Mouse sleeping bag started burning. It burnt a significantly sized spot on our carpet and destroyed my sleeping bag. I’m not sure who was more mad, my mother about her rug or me about my sleeping bag. I am so happy we removed the grate from my living room. We had the boiler ripped out and replaced with a furnace in our den.