what an excellent winter

This past winter my family and I decided to take a a vacation in a tropical location, something we hadn’t done together before. We live in an exceedingly cool place, the temperatures of the winter often dropping below zero plus the summers don’t get much milder either. That being said, we own lots of heavy winter clothing, bulky apparel, scarves, etc. When we started packing for the big trip, we realized we didn’t have a lot of lighter things to dress up in. At home were usually bundled in a great many layers with our heater blasting for hours, and we even had heating panels installed inside our floors to help with the cool situation. When we finally left for the big trip we had to blast the air conditioning in our hotel room the entire time we were there, we simply weren’t accustomed to the high temperatures. We even asked the hotel staff if we’re able to have a box fan and also smaller, portable air conditioner to make our room even cooler. It was a big change of pace from having the heater going all the time, to now requiring the air conditioning. The climate change would take a while to get used to, but we were only there for a couple days so we never really did. When we got home to our old freezing house, we turned the heater and furnace on and bundled in one place, it almost made us thankful for any extremely cool temperatures we were so used to. My family and I learned a very important lesson about HVAC equipment, heat shifts, and how important your versatile wardrobe is all on that vacation.