What a stupid heater

I hate the dumb heating system I have in my home at the moment. When my hubby Bob and I moved within the house, an old boiler system lived within our basement and still does. Bob and I decided that as individuals, we would leave the heater there and make use of until it died for good. I asked Bob how long it would live, he guessed maybe 36 months total. He really was being generous regarding his guess I think. The boiler was dinged up, rusted and had chips everywhere on it. It looked like it’s a boiler from way back in the eighties. We figured we would get what we may out of it and then buy a innovative new heater system. Well that boiler system is still going strong and it has been about twenty years! The thing will not quit on us no matter what. I don’t even call for HVAC company or boiler repairs. The heating system never stopped heating ever. It has never not started for us. All it does is provide quality heating wherever and whenever we want it. Why does an individual like myself hate the boiler system subsequently? I hate how huge the stupid heating system is. It takes up more than half my basement area. I never can store anything within. I also want to remove everything from the basement and transform it to into a guest room of sorts. I can’t do that while the boiler system is living in there. I need to have that area cleared. Also the boiler makes an annoying constant humming noise when is on. No, not mechanical noises which makes it dying, just an annoying working sound that never stops. The boiler will not die on me ever.

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