What a great new heater

My best friends and I recently came into free tickets to see a show at our local theater. We were glad that these tickets were free, because we planned to go see the show anyway, nevertheless, but we did not like paying sixty dollars for each ticket. My boyfriend was playing in the pit band for this show too, and my best friend’s girlfriend was singing in the chorus. We were thankful for the opportunity to go to one of their shows and support them and not dip into our savings accounts to take this action! When the day of that show came around, my friend picked me up and we drove off toward the theater. I was not sure what I had been expecting, but the theater itself was a little shabby. From the way my boyfriend had talked about the rehearsals and the performances leading up to this one, I guess My partner and i been expecting a fancier location. Despite the rather awkward shabbiness with the theater, the seats were comfortable and the show was amazing! I learned midway through the performance that the theater’s money had been put into their heating and cooling system instead of their cosmetic needs. The heating and cooling system had actually just been replaced, not even a year ago. Those outrageously expensive tickets ended up being put toward paying off a brand new furnace and air conditioning system! I was really impressed with the theater’s choice to give their audience a really terrific experience. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a show and being frozen by way of the air conditioning or sweated out by an overactive furnace.

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