What a great HVAC system

A pal of mine goes to our buds house about every other weekend.  We’ll have have some beers and search out a couple of clubs.  We usually all get smashed and my pal and I crash at our buds. There is only one spare bedroom.  It has half of a bunk bed.  It also has the air conditioner, and you can feel the cool air coming from the duct on the wall.  It slithers all over your drunken body and encompasses you.  It is really great to have that room after a long night of partying.   There is a desk that is in front of an outlet and you can charge your phone while you sleep. One of us has the good fortune to sleep there, and have total comfort.  The loser gets to sleep on an airbed in bud’s office.  That isn’t cool, in more ways than one. There is no ductwork, which means no air conditioning.  It’s a new addition and not finished.  The cool air comes from a box fan. Not even a window A/C unit, but a hangover loud single fan.  The office was built with a wall of windows.  The sunlight washes across everything, and everyone, early in the morning, and tries to fry you. The room is also really cramped, and since you are sleeping on a full-sized air mattress, it’s worse.  It is possibly the worst night of sleep you can, if you are the one lucky enough to get the office for a bedroom.  We’ve tried drawing straws for where we put our stuff.  It somehow ends being, however, the one who can run up the steps the fastest.

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