What a great house

My wife and I love having hardwood floors inside our home. The two of us believe that it gives off a much cleaner and cozier environment. She loves that it’s super easy to manage as well. The only thing that is difficult to manage, is the heating situation. It almost feels like it’s much harder to maintain the heat in our home, compared to carpeting. My wife and I some portable heaters inside specific rooms, but that still wasn’t cost effective. We’ve also attempted to use the central heating in order to warm our entire home. Whenever we do this, it feels like we’re just wasting more energy plus it’s not as efficient. The two of us have been doing some research on hardwood floors, plus we discovered radiant floor heating. It sounded like a fantastic option for our home! I called multiple companies to compare their heat pricing, plus asked which type of floor heating was the best for us. I was pleasantly surprised when a technician came out to our home and measured everything. They gave us a great estimate and told us that the process was easy. He also told us that we’d be able to see the cost-efficient differences quickly. Together, we weighed all our possibilities plus decided to go for it! It only took them a couple of afternoons to install the radiant heating. It was a painless process! It’s been three weeks and my wife and I are in heaven. We love the even heat distribution. Our first bill will come next month, and I’m excited to pay it! I can’t wait to see the differences!

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