What a fantastic cooling unit

I began seeing this great guy about two months ago. The two of us began dating and keeping things casual. It was just last week when I went over to his lake home for the first time. He lives within a small lake house in a beautiful neighborhood. It’s a great location, but the house is nothing special. He’s not the cleanest guy, which kind of bugs me. His lake house smelled like an outdated garage when I visited the first time. He ordered us pizza plus set up a film for the two of us to watch. I was really looking forward to the pizza, but instantly noticed how chilly it felt within his house. I was very frustrated with myself because I forgot to wear a sweater or jacket. I wasn’t super comfortable with asking him to change his a/c temperature. I thought that the pizza would keep me warm, so I began digging into it. The food was great, but I continued to to freeze from his air conditioner. I told him that I needed to use the restroom plus searched his lake house for the thermostat. I assumed I could change the temperature to a much warmer degree myself. I discovered the thermostat in the hallway off of the living room, and noticed that the thermostat was set to 63 degrees. I couldn’t believe that he was comfortable living in 67 degrees! I wasn’t sure that I could continue dating a guy who was comfortable at such a low temperature. I didn’t change the temperature on his thermostat, since I ended up making an excuse to leave and go home. air filter