What a cool system

My parents tell me lately that I am to leave the thermostat alone during the wintertime from now on. My parents would be the only ones to change the thermostat settings. When I am cold I am to put on layers of clothing and grab some blankets. It is the most annoying rule they have ever expressed. I continued to ask to be allowed to touch it. My favorite times are whenever they are away and I can turn it up. I just ensure I bring the thermostat back down whenever they get home again. They check it when they come home too. I got caught one time changing the thermostat. They were so mad at me. I finally got it out of them why I cannot change the thermostat. They told me their reasons were because paying for it every thirty day period is getting too expensive. If we turn it up any higher, they will need to pay energy bills out of their budget. I was bothered by this, since I thought it wouldn’t be a whole lot of extra money to just turn it up four or five degrees. It turns out that our HVAC can be costing so much more money for possibly one or two reasons. One reason would be of the fact that system is old and not necessarily efficient anymore. It could also be because the air filter really should be cleaned better. It could be working overly hard and driving up the action costs. The other reason is my parents have not paid for a tune up in a long time. Just by getting a tune up the HVAC system would become way more efficient.

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