We’ve officially lost power

Every Summer my father makes it a tradition to take the whole family camping. We own a lodge located in the middle of the woods.  We usually stay there for a the month of July. The whole family is stuck in bunk beds.  We smell like smoke from sitting by a fire.  We constantly  fish and hike the various trails through the woods. It is super unpleasant and a boring month of the Summer that I dread. I absolutely do not like staying at the lodge. The lodge beds are short and narrow.  They sheets are sort of smelly. There is no electricity, which is the worst.  We suffer for a months with no lights, now showers or toilets and also no Heating and A/C. You would probably assume  that in July, weI would really need   A/C in the lodge. But the lodge is totally surrounded by trees. That branches block all of the natural sunlight. Also I guess the air is sort of cool because we are located quite high in the mountains.  The lodge gets extremely cold, especially in the evenings, and there is no furnace. There is a fireplace, but no one wants to cut and haul wood, or deal with building a fire.  Especially in July.  We should be running an air conditioner.  The lodge is not airtight, I wish my father would hook up a generator for space heaters, fans, and some running water, but he wants us to rough it for a month.   Apparently having a heating system to control the temperature and not shiver uncontrollably is not permitted. So for a month every Summer, I am very unhappy. I have considered  battery operated heaters, but I don’t think they are powerful enough to keep me warm.