We’ve lost the heater


Every August, my mother and father makes the whole family go camping. We have a cabin in the mountains, surrounded by woods, that we stay in for about three weeks. The whole family sleeps in sleeping bags, sits by the fire and we also fish and take hikes along the trails.  It is not my idea of fun, and those are a long three weeks during the Summer. I hate staying at the cabin the most. The sleeping bags are not comfortable or warm enough.  Plus there is no electricity in the cabin either. We  have no lights, no television, and no running water.  There’s no  toilets, sinks or showers.  And there’s no Heating or air conditioning. In the Summer, it may seem like I would want AC in the cabin. Because the cabin is totally shaded by trees, all of the natural sunlight is blocked. The air is very cool up in the mountains. The cabin is typically cool throughout the day and downright freezing in the evenings.  I really want a heating system of some kind. We can’t even plug in a space heater to  keep us warm. The home is not airtight, and drafts come inside.This makes it even more cold. I know my mother and father will never agree to hooking up a generator for heaters, lights or television.  They want us kids to appreciate nature for those three weeks. Going with heating makes me despise nature and want to go home.  I miss the thermostat and having control over the climate. For three weeks every year in the August, I freeze. I have looked into battery operated space heaters, but they don’t get very good ratings.  I doubt they would be sufficient to keep me warm.

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