We’re worried about what HVAC system we get

Indoor temperature control really has evolved so much over the years and is such a fundamental piece of our community that I can’t help but find it shocking that some people don’t use it properly. I have one friend I know I will never quite understand and will never be ready to properly explain myself to given that they refuse to budge from their particular beliefs. Instead of using her AC in her apartment, which works perfectly fine and would barely increase her electricity’s cost, she has filled every room with electric fans. They usually are noisy, take up a considerable amount of room, are incredibly inefficient, and yet she insists these instruments help her keep cool. I myself find it very annoying to feel them blowing directly me all the time, simply circulating the hot air from across the room instead of cooling anything. But will she listen to me about can just using the air conditioner? No, of course not. From my best understanding of the situation, she doesn’t trust the air conditioner because she doesn’t know how it works and is critical of how something which is functioning primarily out of sight can effectively cool her down. But, with the fans, she sees their physical substance and feels the wind they blow on her, convincing her they’ve been working well. They have to be using more electricity compared to AC would each month, and I certainly could certainly not choose that method of superficial home cooling over my home air conditioning system, but it does seem to make her happy and I guess that’s what matters overall.

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