We’re stuck in the room

I don’t dislike people! I just don’t enjoy being surrounded by people. As i hate waiting in lines or even traffic, and can’t stand the overwhelming chatter of being stuck in a room rife with people. But on the other hand I don’t try to be a hermit, I enjoy meeting new people and speaking to them. Individually, people are superb. But in large groups, they are plain awful! So when I built the house, I decided to do it just close to a small coastal town. Now I get the privacy I want, but when I want to be social people are basically five minutes away. Last month my central HVAC system went down, so I had a neighborhood service tech come and visit my home. This cooling and heating repair expert had never been out to my house before, and I realized he was the only guest I had ever had around my home. It took a problem with my furnace in the basement to make me notice that I was more of a hermit than I thought.Luckily the furnace was not too bad off, there was just a small issue with it, and the HVAC repair tech could fix it. But he also told me about the annual service plan for air conditioning systems, which sounded like a pretty good idea. It would keep my heater and AC cleaned and up to date at all times, and having an HVAC repair tech up to the house twice yearly might be as close as i got to having a good friend.

new HVAC system