We’re loving the air conditioner

My boyfriend Steve and I are going to be moving down south in a month. Steve is really excited and can’t wait to live together. He is already picking out furniture, looking at local restaurants and already talking about the future. I am super worried about living together. I just don’t see us coexisting really well as a pair. For one, I am super independent and I like to be left alone. Steve likes to spend every waking minute together. Next is that I love to go on long walks and exercise daily. Steve is not a fan of exercising and does not see it as a priority. Lastly Steve absolutely loves his air conditioner. I hate going over to his apartment due to his AC. He regularly blasts the air conditioner when he is even moderately hot. I am always too cold when I am in his place. In the car he has all the windows down and the AC going. I never can take off my coat when we go anywhere. I like that I know I can go back to my house and crank the heating system. If we live together, I can’t escape the air conditioning. Steve will literally have AC going all day long. I will always be cold or he will always be too overheated. I think what we will have to do is get HVAC zone control and sleep in separate rooms. We each can have a ductless mini split air conditioner and heater. He can control the temperature of his room and I can do mine. Then neither of us have to sacrifice comfort.