We’re happy about this

When it comes right down to Heating and Air Conditioning providers, I could not think of a worse company than the one happens to be located in our hometown. My Heating and Air Conditioning provider cannot seem to do anything actually properly. From the iPhone maintenance they supply to the actual business they send out to try to fix complications, nothing seems to get done correctly. I had a problem with our air conditioner over the course of this past Summer, and I was unable to fix it myself. I tried, actually, to solve the issue myself so that I wouldn’t actually have to call in this Heating and Air Conditioning provider, because I knew that they would not do a very good job and would most likely break the air conditioner even further than it was. Well, I couldn’t do anything myself for the system, so I called our Heating and Air Conditioning provider, and what do you know, I got a recording instead of a real person to talk to. The Heating and Air Conditioning provider’s robotic voice directed me around a iPhone tree for the better part of an hour before I entirely reached a human being that could help me. When I entirely got to talking to this client maintenance rep at the heating as well as cooling company, the person was so slow when it came to extracting information from me that I entirely considered just hanging up the iPhone several times! I was finally able to get that human being to understand our problem, and they were able to send an Heating and Air Conditioning business out to our lake house to see if they could fix our air conditioner. When the person finally bothered to show up, it was several weeks later. Thankfully, he was able to fix our air conditioner, however if he hadn’t, we would have had a bigger issue on our hands!