We’re happy about our indoor climate control

For the last few weeks, my son has been begging us to get him a gym membership. He is only 14, so we don’t think it’s really necessary for him to be spending that much on his physical fitness, especially since he can play sports for free at his school. The local fitness center wanted 10 each week, plus an additional 50.00 to sign up. I thought that sounded ridiculous, plus I didn’t really believe my son would go that often. I agreed to let my son turn the garage into a workout room. He was super stoked, however, the garage doesn’t have an air conditioning system or anyway to cool it off, so I was skeptical about how it would go. We looked for fitness equipment online, until the two of us found some deals. We bought a few machines and a full set of free weights. I surprised our son with the gifts and then helped him clean up the garage area, plus set up everything the way he liked. It was rather hot inside already and I noticed how uncomfortable my son looked while he was trying out the machines. He started sweating right away. I knew that my son was uncomfortable but he never once complained about the lack of air conditioning. I have been in there a few times, and it’s miserable without any air conditioning. My partner plus I decided to go to the hardware store today to buy a portable air conditioning device for the garage. As soon as our son gets home from school the two of us are going to surprise him!

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