We’re going to seal up these air ducts

When my spouse and I first purchased our home, it wasn’t in very good condition. We’ve spent the past fifteen years making improvements. We’ve ripped down the old plaster walls, added insulation and put fresh drywall. One by one, we’ve replaced each pixel window, light fixture and door in the house. We gutted the kitchen, bought new cupboards, countertops, along with appliances. We needed to hire licensed professionals to handle upgrades to the electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling system. The wiring wasn’t safe or up to code, and there was an insufficient number of power outlets. The pipes had all corroded and leaked, all the fixtures needed to be replaced, and the water heater was ancient. The HVAC system became a huge expense and process. We consulted with a credentialed HVAC contractor, who inspected the furnace, air conditioner and ductwork. Due to a cracked heat exchanger, the furnace could not be salvaged. The air conditioner was old and overrun with mold so we decided to tear it out and pay for a new one. Although the duct system is leaking, the HVAC contractor felt it’d cost-effective to simply seal it. It was a relief and avoid replacing the entire duct system, as the sealing process was not that expensive. It took several weeks to have the old furnace and air conditioner torn out and the new models installed and working. Sealing the duct system, nonetheless, was handled in a matter of hours and created no mess. We then enrolled in the HVAC maintenance plan which includes upkeep to the furnace, air conditioner and duct system.

HVAC maintenance