We’re all really happy with that

My spouse and I own a bar. We have been in business for about twenty-five years, and we have also been friends our entire lives. We grew up in the same grade school together and were both altar boys and also attended the same church. When we graduated from  school, we both went into s military academy together. Once we left, we pooled our funds together and bought a bar. The bar has grown into a huge success, and we have food, drinks, and a hell of a fun time. Last weekend we were packed since it was motorcycle week where the bar is located. There were thousands of bikers from across the country. We were packed from midday, all the way until closing time at four in the morning. Our bartenders and waiting staff worked extremely long and hard, and we made more money during that week than all of the previous four weeks put together. I guess it’s a pretty good thing we made a heap cash, because now we have to have our HVAC system needing to be repaired. We were so busy, significant amounts of bad behavior went largely unnoticed at the bar – and that includes someone cutting the lines on the thermostat. I don’t know if that had been done with malice or ill intention, but it’s expensive to repair. While we had the technician called out to repair the thermostat problems, they also found a lot of other problems with our old HVAC system. They found two significant code violations with the HVAC system, and we had to have them repaired before we could possible reopen the doors. Thankfully there was the money in our joint savings account, after the busy week we had.

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