We’re all enjoying the heater

My loved ones and I unfortunately had to deal with a house fire about five years ago now. Since then, we’ve gotten a new lay out for our house. My siblings and I won’t be required to share one single room from now on, we got to redecorate and acquire all new stuff which ended up being a blessing, and I even got a place in our basement to do my sewing. My mom tutored me to sew, and subsequently I’ve made clothes and bedroom pillows and book bags. The corner which was given for my sewing machine is quite chilly however. There’s central air in our new basement that I’ve had to handle for years now. We had a rug but we’d a flood in our house, and relied on space heating units to dry it. We ripped up the rug but now it’s just concrete that absorbs most of the cold air from our air conditioning. I think the window is where the issue is occurring because I feel a breeze, and the window is right behind my sewing machine. We still possess some space heaters downstairs that we use but I need a heating system downstairs. The heat rises to the top of the house, and there’s never a regular amount of heat while I do my work. Sometimes I have to take breaks to sit before the fireplace upstairs because my feet will get pretty cold while on the cold concrete. We’ve spent so much capital on refurbishing and I don’t should try to be selfish but I really have to have a heating system in our basement.

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