We were so cold

Just this past weekend, my friends and I decided to have a nice night out in the town. We hadn’t gone out for a fun night of dancing in a very long time! It was our buddy Sharon who came up with the idea, but when she made the suggestion, all of us all quickly agreed that it would be a great time. We planned on going that Wednesday night, and it soon arrived! We made it to the club, however soon became super sweaty, because the club had a broken cooling system. The lack of a nice cooling system along with all the dancing was making us all incredibly hot. All of us danced for as long as possible, however the lack of a working cooling system was way too much for all of us to handle. We really had no option but to relocate to another club that had a working cooling system, but luckily, there was a club a blocks down. This particular club was super packed! It also had a working cooling system, so all of us were able to appreciate a nice long night of dancing. We all must have stayed at the club until 3 in the morning! There was no way all of us could have danced that long if it wasn’t for the incredible cooling system within the club. My good friend Sally dropped us all off at our homes before driving back to her own place. I collapsed on my couch to relax for a bit before I went to bed. Before I laid down, I had to turn the cooling system on a tad bit higher. My house felt especially hot because of all the dancing I did!

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