We really need temperature control in here

When restaurants have outdoor and house seating, which do you go with? I always want to sit inside the restaurant. It just makes good sense to me. You get to sit where the temperature is controlled. Most restaurants usually have a quality HVAC system. If you want heating or air conditioning, you got it. Too hot or too cold, have the server adjust the temperature with the thermostat. You are shaded from the hot sunshine or cold breeze. You can sing while the music is playing and you have a nice chair to sit in. Outdoor seating is not a good choice. But I always manage to be with a group that loves the outside. This means you will be sitting on an uncomfortable metal chair or a patio seat. There is not any music playing outside and the server usually forgets about you. The lack of climate control bothers me. In the winter there is absolutely no working heating system. You are lucky if you get a space heater or simply an  electric heating system. Even with those smaller heating systems, you freeze to death. In the summer the hot sunshine is right on you. You sweat so much because you don’t have a/c. You may feel a blast of cold air by the cooling system when this server opens the door. I hate outdoors with a passion, it is never cozy. They either need to avoid it altogether or invest in better HVAC equipment in the seated area.

HVAC system