We need this temperature control connected

I am employed by a karate dojo that is located in the basement of a grocer’s. You walk into the store and either head up the stairs to shop or head downstairs to take a karate class. It is a nice business situation since the people in the store come down to see us, and some sign their kids up for classes, and my students give the store business.  I need to pay a relatively small amount in rent to the store. They cover energy, heating, and cooling cost and they also provide us with a bathroom. However, lately the store owners have been less conscientious about the HVAC. The HVAC never has worked its best in the dojo, but we have utilized it in the past. A/C is not always needed since we are in the basement, so the area is cooler because it is lower and heat will rise. The basement is also shaded from the sun. It’s a great location and the temperature is really good in the summer, but the winter is completely different.  We are beginning to have problems. There is a central unit that runs through the basement, and a dial thermostat for adjusting the temperature. Lately, I have noticed that when I turn up the thermostat, it doesn’t respond.  I don’t hear the click that shows it has started.  I don’t smell the dirty air odor that goes with the start up.  The temperature in the studio is also lacking.  I don’t want to complain too much because my rent for the place is really reasonable.

indoor comfort