We love this air conditioning!

Parades are an American pastime. They are not as popular as they once were in our nation, primarily because people are busier with more hectic lives and also because entertainment opportunities abound nowadays, where they did not always used to. Even still, most people love a good parade. This is especially true for children, so going to a parade is a fun way to entertain your little one’s dor no cost. In our community, there are three major parades per year: one in the spring, one near Christmas, and one for the Fourth of July. The last parade I went to was so much fun, and I was amazed especially at one of the floats. The float that housed the parade queen and her court was sponsored by an HVAC company. The rest of us were sweating, but the queen was cool and comfortable because the float she was on hat air conditioning! Can you imagine that? Air conditioning on a parade float! I am not certain how they managed it, but somehow the air conditioning was blowing and ribbons were flying from air vents like stores do when they display their portable air conditioners and window air conditioners. I think the float was a great way to advertise their HVAC company, as everyone was simply amazed by their ability to provide air conditioning for the people riding on the float. It was over 90 degrees, but the parade queen and king were simply regal looking with the a/c keeping them looking fresh and cool.

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