We have too much pet hair in here

We have a long-haired cat that is continually shedding. He is constantly grooming himself and we brush him to maintain his coat and keep any unwanted shedding minimal.  Every time we sweep the floors, we gather enough hair to knit a shirt. With all the things we were doing to keep the hair cleaned up, we didn’t realize where the left over hairs were disappearing to.  We did, however, begin to see a steady increase in our electric bill, and cooling took much longer than it used to. The AC unit was barely able to maintain a reduction to the inside temperature.  The added strain to the air conditioner, from the hair, had increased our power usage, raising the costs.  It took a bill cycles for my husband to realize that our problems were coming from the shedded hair. The hair had made its way into the ventilation and was trapped in the air filter, effectively minimizing air flow.  When we realized the cause of our problem we went online to a HVAC company website to look for some quick solutions.  They had a long list of helpful articles the proper care of HVAC equipment. Pet owners were urged to change their filters more often than homeowners without pets.   Because of shedded hairs being able to get into the system, a finer, more effective type of filter was strongly recommended.  This filter much less apt to allow pet dander from being circulated inside the air we breathe. We took the advice and, while our cat still sheds, our air conditioner is working like new and our electric bill doesn’t cost more than our groceries.

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