We had so much fun on vacation

My husband and I usually decide to take our vacation time somewhere tropical. The weather is always so lovely. During the past year, we took our vacation time during the winter. We’d never been away during the holiday season. My husband took off the entire month of January and we chose to visit the mountains. We live in the far south, so we hardly ever get to see any mountains. The winter season around here usually consists of 75 degree weather and shorts. Just last winter, we were laying poolside working on our tans while covered in sweat. We don’t’ get to enjoy skiing, but we’re okay with that. Since the two of us never got to experience cooler weather, we took a vacation to the mountains. We were staying in a cabin located at the top of a long road. The views from our balcony were spectacular because we could see for miles and miles away. The two of us both thought it was the perfect Wintertime getaway. Up until our heating method stopped working. My husband and I woke up early one morning, and we noticed a change in temperature right away. The two of us could see our breath lingering within the cold air. We knew our heat wasn’t working. There was so much snow on the ground. We’d gotten almost a foot of snow over the night. My husband and I called the receptionist right away to discuss the heating issues. Thankfully, our place came equipped with a fireplace too. All of the roads were covered in snow, so we couldn’t get out. Unfortunately, nobody could come service the HVAC system.

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