We finally got our HVAC system working

Just as I was running my weekly Sunday errands everything started to go wrong. I should start off by saying that this took place in my least favorite season… winter, so now everything is icy, snowy, and cold. This surely can transform any mundane activity into a lengthy frustrating process, prone to disaster. I am used to this though. I grew up in this area and it is nothing unfamiliar to me. On this particular Tuesday however, it was extra terrible. First my tires lost traction on the driveway and I ran across my mailbox. Then when I finally made it to town, the flower grocery retail store was closed for renovations. The final straw was getting home to locate my HVAC system had entirely stopped working. With it being frigid outside and the heater being on the fritz, it don’t take long for the house to show into a total icebox. The climate control system had been out for about two days and my poor dog ended up shivering. The HVAC repair service in town, of course, was closed already since they had shorter hours on Sunday. I had to call my heating and cooling savvy neighbor over and help me out instead. He really is a life-saver, as he got the heater up and running again within a matter of hours. I have no clue what I would have been put through without his HVAC know-how at my disposal. There was always my sister’s house, but who knows what would have went wrong en route there!

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