We don’t want to waste any energy


My husband and I enjoy having hardwood floors within our home. We feel like it makes everything more cozy and cleaner. I love that I don’t have to do a lot to clean them either. The biggest concern we have with the floors, is that they don’t hold heat well. When we had carpet, it held onto the heat. We’ve tried purchasing space heaters, but it didn’t turn out to be very effective. My husband and I have tried using just our central heating to keep our home warm. However, when we do this, it feels like we’re wasting more energy in addition to it’s not as efficient. We’ve been doing some minor research on hardwood flooring recently. We’ve been looking into radiant floor heating. It sounded way too wonderful to be true, so we assumed that it would cost us a fortune! My husband called several companies to compare their heat pricing, plus asked which type of floor heating was the best for us. We were pleasantly surprised when someone came to our home and measured everything before giving us an estimate. They told us that the entire process was very simple, and we’d also see the cost-efficient differences right away. My husband and I weighed all our options, plus decided to do it! It only took the heating company a few days to install the radiant heating. It was a completely painless process. It’s been a month, and my husband and I are in heaven with the even heat distribution. Our first bill came last week and we were surprised at how low it was! This was totally worth the money!

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