We don’t have a good cabin or heating

Every Summer my father makes the whole family go camping. We have a cabin in the middle of the woods that we stay in for a week. The whole family sleeps in bunk beds, sits by a fire and we hike around the woods all day. It is super horrible and a boring week of the Summer. I really hate the cabin the most. The cabin beds are small, hard and sort of smelly. There is no electricity in the cabin either. So that means no lights, running water for toilets and also no HVAC. You would think that in the Summer I would want AC in the cabin. No way, the cabin is totally shaded by trees. All of the natural sunlight is blocked. Also I think the air is less stuffy and hot since the cabin is by a large lake. The cabin actually gets super cold at night where I want a heating system. There is no sun, lights are heaters to keep us warm. The cabin is not air tight and close proximity to the water makes it feel even more cold. I know my father though. He is not going to hook up a generator for space heaters. My father wants us one with nature for the week. Apparently having a heating system with climate control is not permitted. So for a week every year in the Summer, I freeze. I have looked online and there are heater systems that are battery operated. They are ridiculous small though and I don’t think they would be powerful enough to keep me warm.

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