We are running the heater on high

I have just returned back from what was a very unpleasant experience at the grocery store. Over what seemed like an eternity of being there, I nearly frozen to death. Weather often changes between extremely cool and warm temperatures in mid March. Almost two days ago he temperatures were dropping to twenty-three degrees and there was an insane amount of snowfall outside. Yesterday, temperatures were made it all the way up to the fifties, with plenty of sunshine and lovely blue skies. While it certainly may seem like a lovely day today, there have been raging winds outside. Branches and trees have fallen all over the ground from the power of these winds, making it a downright pain to remain outside. I thought I would get swept away in the parking lot as I raced towards the store doors. I was so thankful walking inside, trusting I would be comforted by the heating system. I am not certain if the heating system was set incredibly low or if totally turned it off but something was wrong. It felt as though the air conditioner was operating as I felt cool air circulate the grocery store. I started to jog down the aisles, hoping to warm up and trying to finish rapidly. I grew careless and began to pick up random things off of the shelves without even consulting my list. I was displeased and finally making it to the checkout line, that there was a guy complaining to the cashier about some expired coupon. I was definitely getting hit with some very chilly air in the spot I was standing. This made me truly believe that either the heating equipment had failed, or some moron turned on the air conditioner.

HVAC fix