We are happy to blast the A/C

I believe there is a time in our lives, when we want our children to be independent.  My son knows how I feel about this, and when he wanted to go to college, I insisted on his living in the door.  He all but cried tears.  For eighteen years, he has lived under my roof, without any worries.  He would hole up in his room for hours because of the steady heat or conditioning.  I would pull the covers off him and he would shrug and mumble that we had an HVAC, he didn’t need the covers.  Maybe I have spoiled him with the comfort of an HVAC system that offered air conditioning, and a furnace that works on command because of the smart thermostat.  He even has the app on his phone so he can control it.  Before he started college, his father and I told him he had to live in a dorm or in an off-campus apartment.  The college isn’t a long way away, it’s only thirty minutes, but he needs to learn independence.  Last week he came to us and started to tell us stories about one kid being kicked out of school for falling asleep, and it wasn’t his fault.  The HVAC in the dorm never worked well and he couldn’t sleep.  When that didn’t work, he told us about some of the off-campus rooms and how the air conditioner would sometimes blow hot air, and the furnace would often blow cold air.  My husband gave him a quizzical look, laughed and told him it wasn’t going to work.  It’s time for him to find a life that doesn’t have mommy and daddy supplying his every comfort, even it means he may be too cold, or warm because of the heating and cooling system imperfections.

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