We are happy about our air conditioner

My spouse and I recently watched a documentary on ancient civilizations and the interesting ways they adapted to changes in climate without today’s technology. I really had fun watching this with him, but that very next morning, everything in my life was about to get hotter. The documentary basically said that people could deal with extreme changes with any climate without heaters or air conditioners because their bodies would find a way to be acclimated to the eco changes around them. Basically, if you stop using your heater or air conditioner, your body will just get used to it and stop noticing that it is hot or cold. Excited by way this theory sounded, my husband decided to turn off our personal air conditioner and firmly refused to turn it back on again. That had been fine when it was only springtime, nevertheless southern summers are quickly approaching and all the people around here who aren’t insane use their air conditioners. I dread to think how long he’s going to try to preserve this idea. It has made being at home hot and miserable. I sometimes even drive to the corner store just to be around an air conditioned building. I’ve also started turning that air conditioning on when he leaves each day for his workplace, so at least I get to use my A/C during the hottest hours of the day. But the worst days come because of the weekends when he is constantly home. No matter how hot he gets or the amount he sweats inside, he refuses to turn on the air conditioning. Truthfully, I think I’m going to go for a temporary visit to my father’s pretty soon. I have tried to make clear to him that I need to be inside a cool climate, but if he won’t flip the air conditioner back on, even for his wife. I don’t know what I might have to try to change his mind.

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