We all enjoy the cleaning process

The previous winter, I noticed that my summer house was becoming dusty and there was a musty smell whenever the gas furnace was operating.  It seemed that the gas furnace was functioning more often, and my biweekly utility bills were unusually high.  Additionally, there were frosty spots in several rooms in my house! I am routine about getting my gas furnace professionally serviced every spring, so I couldn’t guess what could be causing the problem.  I finally called over to my Heating plus A/C supplier, explained the different concerns, and requested for a recommendation.  He believed that the cause was most likely the duct system.  I have owned my house for nearly thirty years but yet to have them professionally cleaned.  Knowing that the air in my house flows through the duct system many times a day, proper upkeep should have been a concern.  The Heating plus A/C supplier brought in a equipment that looked a lot like an industrial-sized vacuum cleaner with a brush on the end.  The brush works to scrub away the debris and contaminants within the duct work plus the vacuum sucks it all up.  We found out there was a large amount of pollutants accumulated in my air duct, including dust, pollen, webs, plus bacteria.  We were lucky that operating the gas furnace and air conditioner hadn’t spread harmful mold spores throughout the beach house making my family sick.   After the cleaning process, we saw an immediate improvement in the cleanliness of our house and production of my gas furnace.  I am spending less money to heat my home, while also basking in superior comfort and air quality.

ductwork cleaning