Warmer temperatures

The person who lives next door, is what most people might call a curmudgeon. He yells for the neighborhood kids to quit walking within his lawn. He never looks friendly enough to say hello to when he’s busy in his yard. I think all he can think to do is sit in his rocking seat on his porch and wait for something to happen that he gets to complain about. I’ve tried on several occasions to bring him a meal, or bake him a batch of biscuits, but he never even says thanks. He accepts the food, however you would think that he would want me to know he enjoyed it. I keep trying though, because I know that even though he can’t become gracious with me, I believe that he enjoys that I visit him and what I bring him. Yesterday, I made a tasty pot of beef stew, and I brought a dish to him. He answered the door wearing his winter coat, hat and gloves. At first I thought he might have lost his mind, but that was before I stepped inside, and I realized how cold his house was. I asked him if he had called an HVAC company to fix his furnace, and he told me that he wasn’t sure how to proceed. I took a quick turn with his thermostat, and tried changing it to a bit warmer temperature, but nothing appeared to help. I called our local HVAC company for him, and they had his furnace running rapidly. The crabby old guy still didn’t even say thank you for my help. But I know he was grateful to have his furnace heating the place up again.

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