wanting better air conditioning

For awhile now I have been hoping for our a/c to quit on us. It has been the most reliable air conditioner system I have ever dealt with, especially since it has lived on us almost 25 years. With regular usage in addition to abuse of cleaning I am sure that what I have done has extended the lifetime of our a/c unit. In many ways, I want it to finally quit on me. If it quits, it will give me a good reason to update the entire system. But, I am stressing over what mode of a/c would be best to update the old plan. Since the people I was with and I had that 1 installed over 25 years ago, there have been a lots of advances in air conditioner equipment. There are a variety of machines depending on how big is your house, if indoor air quality is crucial, addition to usage. I guess I can let our Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company to refer us to the best a/c there is, however I doubt any of the newer equipment will be able to last as long as our first a/c. But, I believe it is best to plan ahead in addition to be right with it all, especially in the weather conditions the people and I live in, and my spouse in addition to I have been researching a few hours a night about types of a/cs in addition to Heating in addition to Air Conditioning systems to see if her and I should update both our heating in addition to cooling systems.

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