Wanted to have AC that day

A few weeks ago I attended my brother’s graduation ceremony, and my parents were absolutely ecstatic about it. They had our entire family attend together. I am very proud of my brother, but I thought it was a little ridiculous because he is just graduating from pre-school. He probably won’t even remember it. So on the day of the preschool graduation, all of us loaded up the whole family into the van and drove to his school all dressed up in our Sunday best. He attends a quaint little school that is about two blocks from my high school. It’s the dead of winter, so I was expecting that the Heating plus A/C plan to be up and running perfectly to deal with the cold weather. However, this was not the case when all of us arrived. The auditorium at the school was over packed plus everyone had to stand. It was exhausting because I could tell the heating system was running, but not hard enough. It was freezing. People were huddled together to keep warm. The kids were all shivering. I could barely feel the heat coming from the Heating vents. I was so distracted by the cold that I forgot to pay attention when my little brother walked across the stage. I was shivering despite wearing a sweater. Everyone looked so uncomfortable. I wanted to take matters into my own hands. I walked around the hall until I found the thermostat. It was set to 55 degrees – no wonder it was so freezing cold. I turned it up and I could immediately feel the hit kick on. I saved my brother’s graduation.

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